ANRAMI, REINA DE COPA. Cultivating the Line, part II.

When I create. Sometimes past pass by and try to claim his place. Someother time, futur just show up on the paper, as a sign, or a door, a possibility.

Most time, I draw the present.

The continous large lines, the Curve, consciously moving through the page, allows the piece to evolve in a larger timespace, and so to represent a larger period, a sort of evolving instant. If once the lines are chosen the representation of the period you where in seems and instant rather than a journey, the process of drawing each curve in one fluid gesture feels like expressing a huge field of unrevealed possibilities.

Here is the Queen Anrami, Reina de Copa.

Detail of ANRAMI, Reina de Copa. 100x70cm. Gouache. 2015
Detail of ANRAMI, Reina de Copa. 100x70cm. Gouache. 2015

I just seen the face of this woman birth, and loved her smile.

As her structure grew, I realized the global piece would miss information on the upper left corner, so I had to guess what she would hold in her hand, or what would be around her, what her context would be…

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So here I am assimmilating a bit more of who I am, writing few words about what I felt, seen or did…if some of you read the earlier posts about “The Art of freestyle”, one know I love the line, for its instantaneous factor, emerging truth of the ego, of the “I” in the “Now”.

So I often start with the line that draws the profile of a face, a sort of reflect, a witness. A referent. And I see what I couldn’t before, I trust what I would have doubt, thanks to my hand moving on the paper.

Au delà de Moi. Gouaache sur papier. 30x40cm
Au delà de Moi. Gouaache sur papier. 30x40cm

While in Madrid between the journeys through Earth, I took a gouache marker and drew lines after having forseen them in the white empty space, so that someone would appear in front of me.

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For the exhibition each one of us had to choose a “special power” his alter-ego could own. And a name for this. Mine was “THE REALUSIONIST”. The one that can erase the frontier between imagination/illusion and reality.

Here is how he looks like.


Ink on grey paper. 30x15cm. Remed. 2010

Part of the exhibition was a few draws we made all 4 togeteher. Pure spontaneity too, the gesture of one of us influencing the gesture of his brother..

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by Remed.

50x70cm. Last step of the “DUALITY” serie.

Acrilic and pen on paper.2009.

This is one draw from a serie of free hand style with pen. Was tired of being to perfectly straight while drawing/painting the line on my canvas. Thanks to this serie, i’m working on a multilayers freestyle diptic on canva.

P e a c e

Ps: i’ve understood the feelings i had while drawing a few days after having made them, while staring at them. l’art comme remède.

Birds serie. Acrylic and pen on paper. 2009


By Remed.

fat pen on paper. A4.

This is the sketch of the next couple love canva. It s the end of the serie, that will allow me to start a new one.
After i finish the two first couple love, i was really happy of the result, and i tried to make a third one, made more than 25 sktech without being happy with any of them. A few mounths later, i came back on that, and the third sketch was the right one. Amdulah ! viva el arte, vive el amor!