PELOS ANJOS. Remed in Lisboa. 2014

During my stay in Lisboa, I had time enough to do somehting for the street beside my installation for the French Institute. I’ve been passing by a small street, under a bridge, Rua Rigueiro dos Anjos. “Regeuiráo dos Anjos”. Literraly , “where the Angels grow”.

REMED. Letters in LISBOA.

REMED PELOS ANJOS. Spray on wall. Lisboa. 2014

At first sight, I was seduced by thé amazing texture of the wall, one you rarely find in a city. An outside frame with Memory.

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ENTRE ET VOIS, L’ENCRE EST VOIX. French Institute of Lisboa. 2014.

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to visit Lisboa for the third time. I always felt good in that country so I was happy to be invited to create a permanent installation in L’INSTITUT FRANÇAIS de LISBOA.


“Entre et vois, L’encre est voix”. Permanent installation in LISBOA FRENCH INSTITUTE. 2014

While I was sipping some red wine, sitting at a table with a pen in the hand, I knew those words born on a napkin, would later speak on the wall.

“Enter and See, The matter is We. Here is present, the Essence. And You ? Between me and you, the Other me is You !

Where are You ?”

This happen while I was living in Alfama, 2 weeks in a beautiful and lightful neighborhood whose streets make you feel like you know that place. But when I first arrived …

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In between the previous drawings, I also been living, talking, thinking, and dreaming awake.

So beside the lines, I also find words who wanted to play with I. Or the opposite. I first search them on a sketchbook, without thinking, just like the lines. I hear one word, say it, he will call the others. The first one was and is “CONSCIENCE”, or Consciousness if said in english.


CONSCIENCE DEVENUE MATIÈRE. Wax on canvas. 115x101cm. 2014

I found the first sentence which became the Title, the global direction.

“CONSCIOUSNESS BECOME MATERIA”. Then I kept on finding a variation of ways, those made of association of words and ideas, the whole aiming for the same global harmony finally born through the repetition of the structure achieved on the first sentence.

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About The Art of Freestyle, with pleasure again. Cultivating the ability to forget (what you think you know) so that you can be fearless of the mistake, or repetition, and eventualy Create in a free and purified way.

The fifth part, a beauty full number. Hamsa. The Quintessence. The reunifing step of the Opus Magnus.

But let’s not analyse too much and just present the process of a released mind through the “memorylessness” of his hand. So here are a serie of three drawings who decided to be created beyond my will. The first gesture was the seed of its sisters lines and brothers shapes.


MIRA, LA LUNA ! Wax on 300g paper. 70x100cm. 2014

For this Artwork above, I started, as usual, by looking at the paper…long time…until i don’t remember how long.

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I just ended yesterday the 5th step of the Art of Freestyle, but here is a quick post about the 4th.


AUTORETRATO, FUMANDO EN MEXICO. 70x50cm. 250g paper. 2014

While in Mexico, I had to stay home sick, and because of the sickness, I experimented some feeling of distortion of time and space…nothing like pink elephants in the sky, but a smooth confusion, or alteration.

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L’ÊTRE. On the path to KAUYUMARI. Mexico. Huichol culture.

Blessed was I to spend the last month of 2013 in Mexico.

I had never been to that part of the World, so I was very excited about discovering its people, its culture and its lands.


L’ÊTRE. Pencil and markers on 300g paper. 70x50cm. 2013. Mexico

But once I came out of the plane, my body felt terrible. I spent the 10 first days ill, laying, blocked in a home which was not mine, unable to see then do what I was hoping to… But still, I could start the meeting through books and documentaries. I choosed to remain friend with Time, and learned a bit before i could feel.

Nine days later, I was healed. I could go out and rediscover, walking the first steps on the path to Kauyumari.

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THE TELLER AND THE LETTER. Mexico & Martinique.

I always loved the Letter. For its shape, for its inner-power. The infinite potential of depth and shape through the association of one of them with another, in a word, or all of them in a phrase.


REMED. Spray paint on wall. 5x7m. 2013. Mexico DF

Apart from the auditive language, I, as most young human-beings, naturally tended to “draw a description” of something rather than trying to “write” in order to register an information, whether it was material or emotional.

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BIAC. Biennale of Contemporary Art. Martinique Island.

During November, I’ve been lucky enough to be flying to Martinique island, in Caraïbes, in order to take part in the first biennale of Contemporary Art there. The mission was to create a mural of  more or less 10 by 8 meters.


CYCLOPE, FEMME GRENOUILLE, & ASTRONAUTE. Spray on wall. Martinique Island. 2013

As i choose to arrive virgin of prejudice or stereotype where I go, The first thing I did there, such as in most of the place I visit, was to learn about the most ancient Art of the region. So I go in the street talk to people, learn about the legends, and visit the Archeology or/and Anthropology museum rather than any other. It’s where I find what i need to find. It s where wisdom and knowledge, when not hidden, is exposed.  And there…I’ve been very inspired, feeling I was touching some of our lost memory.

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This summer, after my ankle was healed, I’ve been able to go and stay a month in Chicago, living in Little village, Pilsen neighborhood.

I was invited by the National Museum of Mexican Art in order to do a large workshop with the students of this institution.

PAJARO COSMICO. Chicago. 2013

PAJARO COSMICO. 6x18m. Spraypaint and acrylic. Chicago. USA

There, I had far enough time to accomplish what I had to. And I always have admired popular kraftwork, worldwide geometric patterns. And Mexican folk Art is a great sample of it.

So I felt like it was time and space for me to dig a bit the roots of the Art, to talk about what influences me, to work again with devotion and rigor within the intuition. Going deeper in seek, back to the basis of geometry. Introducing the students to ancient knowledge, accessible and meaningful to all.

So I decided to introduce the kids to the science of vibration, also called CYMATIC.

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I’m blessed to travel a lot, and learn through those journeys. But it’s hard for me to write the story each time while it’s happening. So I usually take a day or two to write all at once, so that I can read it meanwhile I’m writing it. It’s easier to make the link between each step and then get a better understanding of what s going in my Life, or in My Art, which is almost the same…


L’ART, C’EST L’INTROSPECTION EXTRAVERTIE. spraypaint. 10x60m. 2013

Marseille, because of random (destiny?) factor, led me to bring the freestyle state to the next level, bigger in space, larger in time, heavier in materia.

The stranger I am wrote a 60m wide letter to the city starting with those words I found while living in Marrakech : “ART, IS THE EXTROVERTED INTROSPECTION ”

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