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diciembre 2010


In december, I’ve been invited by Primary flights and GGG gallery, in order to exhibit a few works and paint a mural in Wynwood. Miami, USA.

THE MOVEMENT. Work in progress. MIAMI 2010

THE MOVEMENT. work in progress. Miami. Photo by Daniel CIMA.

I had to adapt my work to a really wide horizontal space, and I was not used to this kind of proportion anymore, since I’ve been creating lots of vertical pieces lately. I figured out I had to make once more a “step painting”. In order to fill in the whole space, i needed various images one beside the other more than a unique image or icone. Considering that and the state of mind I was in, I choosed to represent the movement of a character step by step. Like a decomposition of the movement in 5 phases.

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In October 2010, I’ve been invited to Kiev, in Ukraine, in order to paint the second wall of the first Mural Art festival in Ukraine.

Thanks to the french consulate, and to Kiot and Lisa from Muralisimo, i had the opportunity to paint a huge wall (9x17m) in the city.

WOMAN ON BOAT. Kiev. Ukrania

WOMAN ON BOAT. Kiev. UKRANIA. Photo by Elizaveta Gamsheieva

The last canva i did, was representing a man on a boat, and during my researches about Kiev’s history, i felt on two amazing sculptures. The first one was a woman standing at the front of a boat, with the founders of Kiev standing behind her. I directly felt I could use this symbol as an influence for this piece.

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