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abril 2011

UNIVERSAL SELF. Marrakech. 2011


Je remercie le Maroc pour ce qu’il m’apprend sur le Temps *

This latest month, I’ve been spending relative time in Marrakech. I had the great luck to Live again the roots of I, to meet myself again.

Everyday, during something like a week (a moroccan week, which his quite diferent than an occidental week) I was riding a small moto (it could have been a mule or a donkey) down Essaouira road.

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MEETING CERAMIC. Marrakech. 2011.

When I received the invitation from David Bloch, the gallerist in Marrakech, i directly seen the beautyful oportunity this travel could represent for me.
As i said in the previous post, I have a long relationship with Marrakech, that rose me up to a certain point. My view on Art, my perspective on Life.
It was the perfect Time and Space in which I could find a new point of view on my creations. It was time for the next dimension. An introduction to Volume.

PROFILE. Uncooked white earth. 2011

PROFILE. Handmade with uncooked white earth. 12cm. Marrakech. 2011

I went everyday to a village where kraftmens work with white and red earth all day long. They gave me some of it,  and I shared their rythm.

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HERMA SAKINA. Marrakech. 2011

More than 10 years after I’ve have met Marrakech for the first time, I had the great opportunity to come back and rediscover it.

I’ve been invited by David BLOCH, who owns a contemporary art gallery in the gueliz* of Marrakech, in order to start a colaboration through the Love of Art and Marrakech.

After I’ve made my firsts steps in the neighborhood, rediscovering the medina*, touched its walls, smelled its spice, tasted its flavor again..I went back home and started a canvas under the inside trees, in  the Riad* I was living in.

I’ve been inspired by two things. The first one is a strong symbol in Marrocco, Fatima’s hand.

HERMA SAKINA / Sketchbook.

Sketch for HERMA SAKINA. Pencil on paper. 20x15cm. 2011

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