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junio 2011

SOULSVILLE. MEMPHIS, Tenessee. Mural on Broad Avenue. USA

In April, I had the great oportunity to discover a marveleous city called “Soulsville” also known as Memphis. I’ve been invited by my friend Robert Loeb who I met in Miami through the artist Angelbert, last November.


THIS IS ME, THIS YOU, THIS IS WE. Spray on wall. Part of a 8x45m mural in Memphis, USA. 2011

My experienceiin Tenessee was absolutely amazing, especially on the level of music. I heard over the deepest and most sincere voices & beats I ever heard in any places I lived. One of my favorite moment is when I came into Di Anne Price. She’s a soulfull and beautyfull woman. Charismatic. I seen her fingers slowly dancing on the piano’s keys while her smoky warm voice was singing some true words about Life, me sitting at her side, sipping a glass of rhum. Staring and listening to magic happening.

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