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julio 2011

GAMBIA. Wide open walls. GALOYA.2011

The Wide open walls projects, which aim to paint 14 villages, brought us to Galoya, a small natural place beside Macumbaya.

Children of Gambia

CHILDREN OF GALOYA. GAMBIA 2011. Picture by Rowan.

I remember the first day we arrived there…there was a meeting of many villages into one, in order to celebrate some special happening. The place was full of kids, everywhere…

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GAMBIA. Wide open walls. CHALK WRITING. 2011

All along the journey through the villages, I’ve been seing some great chalk writings on most of the wall i’ve been passing by.


NYIMA GAMBIA, NIEKADOLE. “Beautyfull Gambia, I love u”. Chalk on wall. By Remed. 2011

Some of them talked about football team, jamaican singers, and crew names. But you would mainly see messages about Peace, Love, and Unity.

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GAMBIA. Wide open walls. MACUMBAYA. 2011

In june, Thanks to Lawrence and James, from Makasutu, I’ve been able to Live the Gambian experience. I had the chance to spend 15 days amon great humanbeings and artists such as Lawrence & Njogu, Roa, Tika, Bestever, Selah, Ricky, Rowan, Sydelle, and Jonx.


LIGHT HIGH. Spray on wall. GAMBIA. Africa. 2011

The first village we visit was named Macumbaya.

A small village in which everyone seems to be free, and everyhting seems to belong to everyone.

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MURALI. Muralism Festival in Poznan. POLAND

In May 2011, I went to the beautyfull city of Poznan, in Poland. There, I took part in a muralism festival organised by Outerspace.


WINGED FIGURE ON BOAT. Acrylic on wall. Poznan. POLAND. 2011. Picture by Taktowyglada.

I was there among 5 other great artists, Erosie, Blu, Sam 3, Kenor and H101. We all were really happy about the whole project, its vibe and the people involved. We shared great moments of Art and Life during 2 weeks.

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