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diciembre 2011

COSMIC BALANCE (Wing quest). Exposed @ Carhartt Gallery, GERMANY.

Part of the collective exhibition at carhartt gallery, in Germany, was the presentation of this new canvas, result of the research made on paper during the previous weeks.


WING QUEST. Acrylic & spraypaint on canvas. 100x146cm. 2011

This piece, such as all the drawings of this blue-red serie, is made as a mandala*.
The term is of Hindu origin and appears in the Rig Veda as the name of the sections of the work, but is also used in other Indian religions, particularly Buddhism. They are also a key part of anuttarayoga tantra meditation practices.

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THESE FEW WORDS. Wall painting @ Carhartt Gallery. Weil am Rhein. GERMANY

I just came back from Weil am Rhein in Germany, where I’ve been invited among RIPO, SOZYONE, C215, MOSE, TAPS & more.

I presented my latest works, and had to paint a 6x4m mural on which a 2x2m wooden square was hanged in the center.


THESE FEW WORDS. Acrylic and spraypaint on wood. 200x200xcm. 2011

Just before I came, I started to make some spontaneous free writings on paper. I always loved writing, playing with the meaning and shapes of words and letters, but I spent most of these last years working on the abstraction of realism. During the process of this mural, I enjoyed the organic freedom of playings with words’ curves and rimes.

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