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abril 2012

FOR A BETTER FUTUR. Sarayevo. Bibliotheka Vijecnica. 2012

Latest month, my brother 3ttman an I had the honor to be invited by The Spanish Ambassy of Sarayevo. We created a huge canvas and offered it to the futur city hall, to celebrate the reconstruction of the national bibliotheka of Vijecnica.

Aware about the story of Sarayevo’s people, we both decided to spread a message of Hope. A message of Peace and Unity.

A message of Love.

FOR A BETTER FUTUR. Sarayevo. 2012

FOR A BETTER FUTUR. Acrylic on canva. 200x370cm. Vijcnica, SARAYEVO. 2012. By Remed & 3ttman.

Our experience there was for both of us amazing. We were living in front of  the river, beside a small metal bridge, down the valley surrounded by seven mountains. Each day, we had to pass through the turkish neighborhood until we reach the Vijecnica Bibliotheka.

Sadly, this marvelous building built in a maurish architecture in 1894 has been burned and distroyed  in August 1992 during the Siege of Sarayevo. Hopefully, some of the knowledge in these books has been saved and the building is now in the third phase of repair of the structure. We spent 10 days there, working on our gift to Sarayevo.

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