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julio 2012

EXPRESAR SE ES LIBERAR SE * Wall painting in Madrid.

For the opening of the Mulafest in Madrid, a few friends and I were asked to make some painting instalations. I’ve been painting a wide wall during two days…didn’t got any idea of what to do since i hadn’t got time to think about it…but I jazzed it, and these words came out : “EXPRESS YOUR SELF IS GETTING YOURSELF FREE“. It sounds better in spanish but still you can enjoy the message, the colors, and the shapes.


“EXPRESAR SE”. Spraypaint on wall. 2012. Work in progress

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FESTIVAL OF THE WORLD. Remed meets Saner.

REMED Letters.

REMED COSMOGONY. Acrylic and spraypaint on wall. (Detail) 2012. London.

During end of june, I went to London in order to take part in the Southbank Festival of the World. There, I met SANER, a mexican artist and friend, who i already met in Madrid 3 years ago. It was a pleasure to improvise some walls with him, outside in front of the Tames, right by the river. A latin summer in London.

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UNTITLED LOVE. Spring 2012. Pareja Cosmica.

“Décomposer pour mieux Composer”

(Decompose to recompose better, or disolve to reunify stronger.)


PAREJA COSMICA. Acrylic on canvas. 110x168cm. Work in progress. By Remed

Love again….It seems I am in Love with the idea of being in Love. In between two travels, i had a bit of time for myself. And it has been a wide since I painted a piece on my own.

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LIFE SWIMMER. San Benedetto. ITALY. 2012

I just come back form the adriatic sea, on the east of Italy.


LIFE SWIMMER. 700x200cm. Acrylic on wall. ITALY. (Detail).

There was a small festival called SCULTURA VIVA. More about sculptures than mural Art, I and a few friends had the opportunity to spend one week close to the beach enjoying good food, and warm sea everyday.

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ELOVUTION. Interpretation of the cicle of Love. by REMED & OKUDA

ELOVUTION. Disolution.

ELOVUTION. Step 3. DISOLUTION. Acrylic on canvas. 130x180cm. By Remed & Okuda. 2012

It’s been more or less one year that I’ve been working with my friend Okuda on various pieces.

We met some times ago, and while discovering eachother’s Art, we both thought that it could be interesting to mix our vision. A common point is that we dig to use geometry. But while the figurative side of my Art is becoming more and more abstract, his remains realist, or surealist. That’s why we knew a harmonious blend was possible.

So we decided to make a serie. At first we didn’t knew how many pieces there would be. We just wanted to express ourselves.  Talk about Life, about Love, being witness, actors and survivors of It.

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