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agosto 2012

WALK AND TALK. Azores Island.

A few days after I came back from the northest of the earth, I had the opportunity to go to its center, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. There was taking place a festival of muralism in the beautiful island of Sao Miguel.

PINEALEMENT VÔTRE. Azores islands.

PINEALEMENT VÔTRE. Azores islands. Acrylic on wall. 9x 16m. 2012

This travel was some of the most hollyday like I did lately. I had time enough to discover the land and sea, and did really enjoyed its beauty.

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To start the summer, in july 2012, I had the chance to travel to Vardo, an island at the extreme north of Norway, where daylight never fade. Since it s above the polar circle, the night nevers comes in summer, the sun always enlighten the land, even through the cloud.


HELLIGE HEKS FORTUNA. Holy Witch Fortuna. 7m x 25m. Vardo. NORWAY. 2012

Pobel, a norwegian artist, invite me among other friends from all around the world in order to bring some Life and Creation to a little town from which people were tending to emigrate since the industry of fishing went down.

I truely think we were all happy to bring our piece of Hope to its people. To share something real with authentic human-beings able to survive the absence of light and enhance its perenity. A ying-yang lived to the edge. MY LOVE TO VARDO !

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