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junio 2013


Freestyle“,  the Art of improvisation. The cultivation of surprise, honesty and pleasure through instinct in the process of creation.

Untitled. 22.10.2012. mixed media

THE GESTURE. Mixed media on canvas. 145x199cm. 2012

In most of my creations, I often choose to dig a clue ’til its end. I usually dedicate as much time as needed to the conception and achieving of a canvas, or any other artwork, so as to reach a vision/feeling of  harmony that satisfy me and may touch you.

But I also Love “freestyling”, directly on a canvas, no previous sketch or ideas… You just have to stare at the empty space a few minutes, Continue Reading


Eventhough most of my production is done with much care,devoting time to the application of various layers of a same color, with a certain sens of perfectionism… I often use the rest of my tools after a tight work to make a “rough” one. Sometomes, I have enough strength and trust in my gesture to do a piece in an hour or two. Letting my hand talking for me.

Living the realization of a canvas as a real creative process.


KNEELING MAN ON THE GO. 100x150cm. Mixed media on canvas. 2013

Because most of the time, the creative part ends when you finish the sketch on the paper.

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As seen below, my good friend Ricky Lee Gordon invited me to spend some time down the earth on Mama Africa.
I already knew Joburg, or a part of it, `cause I came there last November, but I never seen Capetown before. And the whole journey was extremely contrasted in terms of environment, and always surprising.

BETWEEN SKY & EARTH. South Africa.

BETWEEN SKY & EARTH. Capetown. SOUTH AFRICA. 2013. Photo by K. Warshkow

I spent most of time in an old fisherman neighborhood named Woodstock. It’s quite a strange place there, since it s an area in process of gentrifaction, and you pass from one fancy block with various shops & galleries, to some old small streets that could seem abandoned but are not.

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After Morrocco, and a quick stop in my family up north of France, I was extremely please to keep on discovering Africa. I stayed 1 month and half overthere, working in various field of creation, meeting great minds and people, wandering in contrasted neighborhoods, staring at amazing landscapes, and swimming in two oceans.

UNIVERSAL SELF. Bronze sculpture

UNIVERSAL SELF. Bronze. 55cm high. #3/9. 2012.

About Art, because it is what I should talk about here, I’m proud to introduce you to one of my favorite piece I ever did,  a bronze sculpture I did with the great help of Otto from THE FOUNDRY in Capetown.

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As long as it is the street that opened me the door to the galleries, each time I do an exhibition somewhere, I try to live the city, and leave a gift to its street and people.


HAYAT. Acrylic painting on konkrete wall. MARRAKECH. CHU. 2012

Among the people I met overthere, one is the architect of the hospital, and we got in touch in order to plan a mural on its entrance. The title of the piece is “HAYAT”. It is the intent of bringing healing vibrations to a certain location, so that those entering it can feel a bit of hope in a place which balance between fear and faith.

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QUINTESSENCIEL TRANSPARENT. 3,60m high metal sculpture.

Marrakech….still…so much to say about it. I’m sorry I don’t exactly know how to arrange and present all what happen there. And I only talk about the Art, but would love to show you pictures of the Life, the Neighborhood…the people.

We keep it just about the Art for now.



Beyond all the canvas, ceramic, lightbox and drawings I did a sculpture originaly inspired from the metal drawings that you can find on the doors of my neighborhood there in the Medina.

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CERAMIC JARS. Playing with volume in MARRAKECH

Salam *
As you may know if you read what I write, I’ve been working a month in North Africa to prepare a soloshow, many paintings, drawings, kraft working metal….but here I’ll show you 3 jars I’ve been painting.
They represent universal beings, the first one is a man sitting with the sun.

MARS. Ceramic volume

MARS. Man with the sun. Acrylic on ceramic jar. 90x40cm. 2012.

Maybe I don’t need to give you clue and should just let you see what you want to see. But I’d like to describe a bit the anatomy of this being. So you casn understand how these simple shapes came from. On top of the jar, you can see the face of the man, standing on his neck in the shape of a pine. On its left, you can observe part of his hand. Down on the right, two half spheres beside to the other build the chest of this human. Then, still going down, you can see a circle representing his abdomen. In the right bottom part, two small vertical half cirlces mark the booty of the man. And finally, the large shape on the bottom left part is his thigh. Still, you are free to see what ever you whish. Further in this post I also uploaded pictures of the 2 other ceramic. Enjoy!

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P e a c e  to you my friends, those I know, those I don’t.
After 6 months of traveling for Art and Life, I’m finally in a sort of holidays and take time to write a bit about my experience in Marrakech.
As I wrote before I spent 40 days having a residency at David Bloch Gallery, in the center of a country I love since longtime named MORROCCO. I had there the most introspective period(s) of my Life.


5th DIMENSIONAL LOVE MACHINE. 155x251cm. Acrylic on canvas. 2012

I’ve been knowing Marrakech for more than 15 years now… As some may know, It influence my path in many ways. Because of discovering other point of views, because I learn there that time is an ally rather than an enemy, and because it’s one of the most interesting place of Art considering the geometry has being used  for centuries to develop an amazing abstract figuration language, which obviously influence me a lot either it was consciously or not.

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