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octubre 2013


This summer, after my ankle was healed, I’ve been able to go and stay a month in Chicago, living in Little village, Pilsen neighborhood.

I was invited by the National Museum of Mexican Art in order to do a large workshop with the students of this institution.

PAJARO COSMICO. Chicago. 2013

PAJARO COSMICO. 6x18m. Spraypaint and acrylic. Chicago. USA

There, I had far enough time to accomplish what I had to. And I always have admired popular kraftwork, worldwide geometric patterns. And Mexican folk Art is a great sample of it.

So I felt like it was time and space for me to dig a bit the roots of the Art, to talk about what influences me, to work again with devotion and rigor within the intuition. Going deeper in seek, back to the basis of geometry. Introducing the students to ancient knowledge, accessible and meaningful to all.

So I decided to introduce the kids to the science of vibration, also called CYMATIC.

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I’m blessed to travel a lot, and learn through those journeys. But it’s hard for me to write the story each time while it’s happening. So I usually take a day or two to write all at once, so that I can read it meanwhile I’m writing it. It’s easier to make the link between each step and then get a better understanding of what s going in my Life, or in My Art, which is almost the same…


L’ART, C’EST L’INTROSPECTION EXTRAVERTIE. spraypaint. 10x60m. 2013

Marseille, because of random (destiny?) factor, led me to bring the freestyle state to the next level, bigger in space, larger in time, heavier in materia.

The stranger I am wrote a 60m wide letter to the city starting with those words I found while living in Marrakech : “ART, IS THE EXTROVERTED INTROSPECTION ”

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Freestyling, Jazz… to me, is the best way to instantly blend the Mind, the Body, and The Soul. Connecting to Consciousness. Perceiving the ocean while surfing the wave.

It is when randomness meets destiny. I mean, when you feel the structure rather than you pretend to know it. When you allow yourself to play with it in order to, consciously or not, make it evolve. It is when The Here is The Now, and not the “how?”. Flowing from the past to the future, always being The Present.

I believe that any creation comes from the ability and choice of someone to be available.

MUJER ACOSTADA. summer 2013. Mixed media on canvas. 100x161cm.

One specific point I do enjoy about being in the state of “Freestyle” is the stimulation due to the everlasting process.

And the result ! The result is always True. More real than any other instant, since somehow, its all the instants at once….This result, when recorded, always shows Who the Creator is. Each time I freestyle on a paper, I draw the Now, or the desire of the Now, which somehow is the future, but still is the Now. And if I like or not, I do always recognize my self in.

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