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enero 2014

L’ÊTRE. On the path to KAUYUMARI. Mexico. Huichol culture.

Blessed was I to spend the last month of 2013 in Mexico.

I had never been to that part of the World, so I was very excited about discovering its people, its culture and its lands.


L’ÊTRE. Pencil and markers on 300g paper. 70x50cm. 2013. Mexico

But once I came out of the plane, my body felt terrible. I spent the 10 first days ill, laying, blocked in a home which was not mine, unable to see then do what I was hoping to… But still, I could start the meeting through books and documentaries. I choosed to remain friend with Time, and learned a bit before i could feel.

Nine days later, I was healed. I could go out and rediscover, walking the first steps on the path to Kauyumari.

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THE TELLER AND THE LETTER. Mexico & Martinique.

I always loved the Letter. For its shape, for its inner-power. The infinite potential of depth and shape through the association of one of them with another, in a word, or all of them in a phrase.


REMED. Spray paint on wall. 5x7m. 2013. Mexico DF

Apart from the auditive language, I, as most young human-beings, naturally tended to “draw a description” of something rather than trying to “write” in order to register an information, whether it was material or emotional.

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