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by Remed(59france), 3ttman(Madrid) & Momo(NY).
Spray on wall. London. Tate modern event. 2008

This one is a big face. Ours. One profile mixed with one front view. They are 6 eyes because it’s three brains, three souls, three hearts creating together. (big up 3tt, toi meme tu sais;). through the eyes, one art tool (a spray and a pencil). This face is looking through her mouth and expressing through her eyes. U can see the nose is a volcano over a bridge. The paint goint out of the spray is going through the fog of the volcano and become fire. energy. life.
U can see his head is made of city and nature. buildings and roads against (or with) river.
Still the flow is there, never stop.

P e a c e to my bro! and to all the other.

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