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by Remed.
Ink and "typex" on paper. 30x45cm. 2008

This one is inspired from a book a friend of mine gave me a few days ago. He knew about the wall i did in belgrade, and wanted me to explain to him becaus it made him thought about the paintings of the icones and saints from the east`… So man! thanx a lot.
I’ve seen é paintings in this book, representing the archange michel fighting with the devil. This one was from XIX century. Another one is Saint George fighting (and killin) the devil which was represented as a dragon. I’ve just mixed a little of this two paintings and adapt the compoisition as i wanted, also changing the symboles to make it more binded to my life. It’s funny how the angel rider ‘s face became black, and the devil’s one white. It’s frightening me a little. Anyway.

I don’t if i should say P E A C E or F I G H T.
just say L O V E


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