Freestyling, Jazz… to me, is the best way to instantly blend the Mind, the Body, and The Soul. Connecting to Consciousness. Perceiving the ocean while surfing the wave.

It is when randomness meets destiny. I mean, when you feel the structure rather than you pretend to know it. When you allow yourself to play with it in order to, consciously or not, make it evolve. It is when The Here is The Now, and not the «how?». Flowing from the past to the future, always being The Present.

I believe that any creation comes from the ability and choice of someone to be available.

MUJER ACOSTADA. summer 2013. Mixed media on canvas. 100x161cm.

One specific point I do enjoy about being in the state of «Freestyle» is the stimulation due to the everlasting process.

And the result ! The result is always True. More real than any other instant, since somehow, its all the instants at once….This result, when recorded, always shows Who the Creator is. Each time I freestyle on a paper, I draw the Now, or the desire of the Now, which somehow is the future, but still is the Now. And if I like or not, I do always recognize my self in.

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UNTITLED LOVE. Spring 2012. Pareja Cosmica.

«Décomposer pour mieux Composer»

(Decompose to recompose better, or disolve to reunify stronger.)


PAREJA COSMICA. Acrylic on canvas. 110x168cm. Work in progress. By Remed

Love again….It seems I am in Love with the idea of being in Love. In between two travels, i had a bit of time for myself. And it has been a wide since I painted a piece on my own.

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COSMIC BALANCE (Wing quest). Exposed @ Carhartt Gallery, GERMANY.

Part of the collective exhibition at carhartt gallery, in Germany, was the presentation of this new canvas, result of the research made on paper during the previous weeks.


WING QUEST. Acrylic & spraypaint on canvas. 100x146cm. 2011

This piece, such as all the drawings of this blue-red serie, is made as a mandala*.
The term is of Hindu origin and appears in the Rig Veda as the name of the sections of the work, but is also used in other Indian religions, particularly Buddhism. They are also a key part of anuttarayoga tantra meditation practices.

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These are two canvas i made after «El Spmet» that took me ages to do…. one mounth and a half repeating the same gesture each days, seing little by little the painting being born.
So I needed to get my hand and mind free for a wide…
Then i took a pen, and waited to see what will happen, what was i feeling after this long introspection…
I made a serie of 7 draws expressing human duality, or the way from doubting to acting, through hope.

From this serie of draws, were borned 2 first canvas of three.

«FROM DESIRE». Acrylic on canva. 100x146cm. 2010

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February 2010

EXHIBITION in Paris. Maison des metallos.

Collaboration with Belgian artist Gwenola CARRERE.

Acrylic, pen and oil chalk on canva. 130x195cm.


By Remed.

Diptic or 2 canvas of 100x146cm.
Oil chack, Spray, Acrylic, Lead pen.

This 2 pieces are made of spontaneity, i hadn’t made any finalised sketch for them. So i started roughly with spraypaint, and slowly composed the image, changing layers after layers, tools after tools….here are a few pictures of the evolution of the paintings.

"Orientation" step 01 "Orientation" step 02

"Orientation" step 03 "Orientation" step 04

"Orientation" step 05 "Orientation" step 06



2009. 130cm x 200cm. Mixed media on canva

The original painting from Jerôme Bosch (el bosco) talks about all the fools we are. The owners of power, and the mass.
In this canva , they are all in a boat…trying to get all what the world offer to them, all the tentation from this age. There are people from the church, who were rulers of the » moral,cultural knowledge». They are consuming wine, food, there is an allegory of luxury in the guitar (they couldn t draw dick at this age…), naked people wanting to be part of the orgy.
In our interpretation, we just made an update, changing these icones by the one binded to our age, changing the guitar in a dick, the wine in rhum, the food in cashmoney, the bread in a burger, and we obviously added some drugs…hope u’ll enjoy it fools!!

And here is the original version from 1492 by Jérôme Bosch.