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2009. 130cm x 200cm. Mixed media on canva

The original painting from Jerôme Bosch (el bosco) talks about all the fools we are. The owners of power, and the mass.
In this canva , they are all in a boat…trying to get all what the world offer to them, all the tentation from this age. There are people from the church, who were rulers of the » moral,cultural knowledge». They are consuming wine, food, there is an allegory of luxury in the guitar (they couldn t draw dick at this age…), naked people wanting to be part of the orgy.
In our interpretation, we just made an update, changing these icones by the one binded to our age, changing the guitar in a dick, the wine in rhum, the food in cashmoney, the bread in a burger, and we obviously added some drugs…hope u’ll enjoy it fools!!

And here is the original version from 1492 by Jérôme Bosch.

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