ELOVUTION. Disolution.

ELOVUTION. Step 3. DISOLUTION. Acrylic on canvas. 130x180cm. By Remed & Okuda. 2012

It’s been more or less one year that I’ve been working with my friend Okuda on various pieces.

We met some times ago, and while discovering eachother’s Art, we both thought that it could be interesting to mix our vision. A common point is that we dig to use geometry. But while the figurative side of my Art is becoming more and more abstract, his remains realist, or surealist. That’s why we knew a harmonious blend was possible.

So we decided to make a serie. At first we didn’t knew how many pieces there would be. We just wanted to express ourselves.  Talk about Life, about Love, being witness, actors and survivors of It.

ELOVUTION. Temporal Fusion

ELOVUTION. step 1&2. UNIFY. CORRUPT. Work in progress featuring Okuda. 70x240cm

A few months ago, in between one step and the other, I started to make some research about esoteric knowledge and more specifically Alchemy. (you can check  a post about an engraved piece on metal here). I then realise that the three first canvas we did, could be the first stages of a universal cycle of evolution of any things confronted to any other.

It remains in this sequence of 5 words :  UNIFY, CORRUPT, DISSOLVE, PURIFY, RE-UNIFY *

It is known as the Opus Magnum. In this serie o work, I applied it to Love. But in a wide point of view, it’s applicable to any relation between two organic beings. Or between any organic being and its environement. Or any Soul with its body. And maybe the Universe with itself.

ELOVUTION. Temporal Fusion

ELOVUTION. Temporal Fusion

ELOVUTION. step 1&2. UNIFY. CORRUPT. Work in progress featuring Okuda. 70x240cm

ELOVUTION. Temporal Fusion. Mars

ELOVUTION. step 1. UNIFY. By Remed & Okuda. 70x120cm

Here are a few words I wrote while trying to describe what I felt in front of it:

«The sun(set) side : UNIFY

Facts :

Woman’s body laying on the side, head cut and face opposed to the camera. A man is kneeling over her, facing the ground , or her absence (of face).

Still, the colors of the man’s body melt into the woman’s body, (bringing her back to life?)

options :

a: The woman’s face might grow and be filled by the man’s colors melting.

b: The man’s body drop all his ink, letting both body becoming grey, but seeing the ground getting richer of his colors. seeds?»

ELOVUTION. Temporal Fusion. Venus

ELOVUTION. step 2. CORRUPT. By Remed & Okuda. 70x120cm

Here are some words I wrote about it once :

«The Moon(set) side : CORRUPT

Facts :

Man’s body laying on the side, head cut and face to the camera. A woman, laying over him, facing the sky , forgetting his absence (of face).

Still, the colors are filling most of the bodies, man and woman, in harmony

Options :

a: The man’s face might grow and be filled by the woman’s colors melting.

b: The woman’s body drop all his ink, letting both body becoming grey, knowing the ground will get richer of his colors.»

About the technical part, we do think everything together, from the concept to the composition and the colors in the end. The process is quite similar to a clasic «exquisite corpse». But instead of drawing one beside the other, i allow ourself to use the full space, almost ignoring the fact that somene will draw over it. Once Okuda traced the first body, in a realistic (organic) way, I draw over the full surface one of my geometric (mechanic?) figure.

Then some intersections stand out, and we fill in each part once in a «volume» style, and the others in a «flat» way. We try to create a great contrast playing with  the grey shades that face the flat saturated colors. And then each figure mute into a new being, flat but dimensional, realistic but abstract, made of two opposite entities fix but in movement.

ELOVUTION. Disolution

ELOVUTION. step 3. DISOLUTION. By Remed & Okuda. 130x180cm.

Here are a few words I wrote about it once :

«Headless woman’s bodies siting back to back. no eye contact. no face, no expression. emotionless bodies. one colorful, one grey. One unlighted side refusing to stare at its shadow.

Over her, juxtaposed, a kneeling man, also headless, but with the heart «up», filled of gold, almost touching the woman, but passing through, transparent, senseless, wonder if is facing the ghost of a woman or is own darker self.

Between them, the sandtimer. rotating. up and down, throne over the usual (but beautiful) sight.

Note ; the woman even though she s not facing her shadow, is crossing harm, touching her lighter abstract self.


1: The lighter but still headless man’s body fuse in the shadow of the woman.

2: The colored woman’s body fuse into the shadow of the man’s one.

Consequences: (Heads ornamented by eyed faces might grow and  look at the trueness of each other)


a. The body of the sited grey woman slide right to face her lighter self. EQUILIBRIUM.

b. The body of the kneeling colored man fuse into is grey opposite to enlighten it. EQUILIBRIUM»

The latest work inside we did, is a dicptic, illustrating the Purification stage in two steps.

On the left part of the canvas, we represented the putrification of the bodies (or of the feeling of Love) through the fire. When Love burns away. The bodies melt into a dense materia which might be anger. That will mutate into acceptation.

ELOVUTION. step 4. Purification. FIRE

ELOVUTION. Step 4. PURIFICATION. The Fire. By Remed & Okuda. 126x124cm

Then The new body are cleaned by the water dripping out the fog, and the Reunification will be possible. With the same entity, or a reflect of it, slightly distorted or radicaly opposite, just another composition. But still Life. Love

ELOVUTION. step 4. Purification. WATER

ELOVUTION. Step 4. PURIFICATION. The Water. By Remed & Okuda. 126x124cm.

Here are a few pictures of the process, and the complete diptic.

ELOVUTION. Purification

ELOVUTION. Purification

ELOVUTION. Step 4. PURIFICATION. Work in progress. By Remed & Okuda. 126x248cm

ELOVUTION. Purification

ELOVUTION. Step 4. PURIFICATION. By Remed & Okuda. 126x248cm

Finally, without expecting it, we had the opportunity to present these works in Sevilla. In the CICUS, the center of Fine Arts of Sevilla, we took part in a collective exhibition curated by DeLimbo. We created a mural for the occasion that can be seen as the 5th stage. The Reunification. When/Where/How bodies (& Souls) fused into one.

ELOVUTION. Reunification

ELOVUTION. Step 5. THE REUNIFICATION. By Remed & Okuda. 800x50cm. 2012

«Nada permanece, tampoco desaparece, solo se trasforma». Remed



You can find some great photos of the global event on Delimbo website.


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