Delimbo Gallery, Sevilla. 2020
“Conversation with the void, Observation of the magic” is the suggestive title of the latest exhibition by the artist Guillaume Alby, better known by his artistic name Remèd.
The exhibition gathers a total of 10 large-format paintings, 14 drawings and marble sculptures that the artist has produced together with artisans from the city of Seville, thus complying with his work ethic under which he seeks to involve local agents in his process, enriching both his work and his knowledge.




David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech. 2019

On the occasion of his fourth soloshow in Marrakech, the artist presents an astonishing and vibrant series of paintings, drawings and sculptures inspired by his last trips to the four corners of the world, a fascinating quest for cosmic energies.
We are proud top present the result of 3 intense months of creation in Maghreb. The exhibition displays 5 canvas, 3 large scale paper, 10 smaller drawing, a poem, and 5 sculptures.


Delimbo Gallery, Sevilla. 2018

«To be, between seeds and ashes ” is the title of the new exhibition by the artist Guillaume Alby, better known by his artistic name Remed, an exhibition in which he presents a selection of his works produced in the last year.
The exhibition is made up of a total of 12 large-format paintings, 24 drawings and two sculptures that the artist has produced together with artisans from the city of Seville, enriching both his work and his knowledge, as well as at the same time giving support, recognition and visibility of the local art and craft scene.


David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech. 2017

« PLENIUM, Matière de l’Un Visible » is a reference to the abstract essence of matter, to the yet invisible but infinite potencial of consciousness, to the power of intention, seed of all reality.
We presented a retrospective of the mind states I have been passing through in the latests months of my wandering. Each piece being the mirror of who I feel I am, or want to be, or what I try to see.
I can not say I did had a vision for the show. But I can say the vision of various instants has been fixed on each of the pieces during its process of creation. The intention, or the vision, became real through the act, through the gesture of the arm prolongated with the hand, the brush being the extension of the finger, still connected to the mind and soul.
This exhibition displayed 13 canvas, 12 drawings, 4 ceramic volumes, and one large metal sculpture.
Each canvas, drawing and sculpture, is a sum up, or the result of the many realities that could have happened while my hand  was acting. I don’t really think, but rather feel. I see movement, and make a stop in motion when I think it is time for it. Seeking harmony, while I enjoy a specific curve, line or shape, a chosen instant to become the one I live.


David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech. 2015

“ESSENCE”, Songe & Memoire Primaire »
In 2014, I spent another 40 days in the old imperial city, living and working in the medina within the walls of the Kasbah. There, time dissolves. It becomes flexible. This allows me to create several canvases, one after the other, in a sort of tribute to the Genesis, a document on the evolution of the mind, body and Soul during the creation process. From the Intention to the Selected Reality. In the popular neighborhood where I live and work, I know that Time is my friend, and this allows me to create free from anxiety. I am entering a period of deep introspection where my mind can focus on what I choose, rather than what is forced upon me in the modern world. I like to know that I will continue to build my roots on a land that seems to be the garden I once lived in, somewhere on the line of time.
We present «Essence, Dreamtime & Primar Memory» which displays 10 large canvas, 12 drawings of various sizes, styles and techniques, ands 2 metal sculptures build with local kraftmen.


David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech. 2013

“Epyphism, Culture du langage universal”
is the name I have chosen for this exhibition at David Bloch Gallery, in Marrakech. The epiphysis or the pineal gland was described by Descartes as the seat of the soul. Since forever, some also call it the third eye. It is the part of the brain that allows one to hear and speak the language of magic, so to wander beyond the laws of time, space, and matter. When activated, the frontier between visible and invisible may be unveiled. Let the journey begin!
In November 2012, I spent forty days in residence in the ryad of the David Bloch gallery. In the heart of a country that I have loved for a long time bearing the name of Morocco. I have had in this place the most profound periods of introspection of my life. I knew Marrakech for more than fifteen years ago. As some may know, my passage at the gates of Africa influenced my life path, my art too. Being there, I discovered other points of view. I felt that time could be an ally rather than an enemy. It is a place of great interest in terms of art, considering that the secular practice of geometry is resulting in an exceptional abstractive figuration, where circles are disguised as squares, where invisible curves take the appearance of straight lines, and volumes are made of the contrast of plains rather than in the shade. Thus, the whole gets hosted in the void, the Light in the color. I see a bridge between «the two worlds». I heard the universal language of timelessness. Here is the resonance of its vibration.
The exhibition hosted 9 large scale canvas, 10 drawings of different sizes and techniques, 3 ceramic volumes, 2 metal sculptures, 1 light box, and an engraved metal sheet.