The latest wall i did in Gambia, which is my favorite appeared to be a bird. A kind of phoenix that just flyed out of my fingers naturaly. I also started by talking and eating with the people, and then just took a time to sit down and stare at the empty wall, in order to see what could live in it.

GAMBIA. Art by Remed, Pic by Jonx Pillemer

I really enjoyed the aspect of the wall, and the contrast that pure colors straight on the wall will create over the texture.

GAMBIA. Picture by Jonx Pillemer

It was one of the first time i choosed not to use white acrylic before applying spray paint, so that the colors will have a certain transparency that would respect the original story of the wall. The texture he got years by years through erosion.

BIRDFISH MAN. Gambia inspiration

THE BIRD. Sketch made after the wallpainting, once back home.

GAMBIA. Art by Remed


GAMBIA. Art by Remed

GAMBIA. Art by Remed

GAMBIA. Art by Remed, Pic by Jonx Pillemerapture d’écran 2011-07-02 à 19.08.00

GAMBIA. Art by Remed

THE BIRD. Kubune. GAMBIA 2011. All pictures by Jonx Pillemer

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