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During the week i was preparing an exhibition in BROOKLYNITE Gallery, in NY brooklyn, i’ve been able to paint a big metal wall of a garage in Prospect heights…was so cold, but the sun was over me and the vibe was i just spread some color for the people. U can see on the paint, that there is some light coming out from the broken wall, feeding the body, that with one hand, spray this light back on the wall.


by Remed. 2009
Spray on metal wall. more or less 12x5m.
Brooklyn. Prospect heights. NY.USA

Yo! NYC.bedsuit 2009

Another wall i»ve been painting this week, brought me some great surprise.

on Malcolm x boulevard, brooklyn. while i was painting this kid and much more, came out of school, and start beating on the metal door close to this wall, and made awesome beatbox, and were dancing reaaal great, i loved that vibe.
I also met a 45 years old guy, passing by with a bike and a spray in a plastic bag, who asked me if he could tag beside my piece…i was amazed to see this guy (big up Dr.007) who may have started spray before i was born and was still an activist.

Much respect and love for the street !!!

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