HERMA SAKINA. Marrakech. 2011

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More than 10 years after I’ve have met Marrakech for the first time, I had the great opportunity to come back and rediscover it.

I’ve been invited by David BLOCH, who owns a contemporary art gallery in the gueliz* of Marrakech, in order to start a colaboration through the Love of Art and Marrakech.

After I’ve made my firsts steps in the neighborhood, rediscovering the medina*, touched its walls, smelled its spice, tasted its flavor again..I went back home and started a canvas under the inside trees, in  the Riad* I was living in.

I’ve been inspired by two things. The first one is a strong symbol in Marrocco, Fatima’s hand.

HERMA SAKINA / Sketchbook.

Sketch for HERMA SAKINA. Pencil on paper. 20x15cm. 2011

This hand, made in many diferent material such as wood, ceramic, covre, silver, gold…is usually hanged over people’s door in order to avoid the bad eye to enter the house. It’s kind of protection. It’s tolerance and acceptation. It’s generosity. It’s a door open.

The second element that inspired me, is a word I learnt on my first day in Marrakech, through the mouth of a peacefull taxidriver. «Sakina». It means Soul Peace.


HERMA SAKINA. Work in progress. Acrylic paint on canvas. 91x130cm. 2011

Marrakech brought me so much knowledge and understanding that allowed me to know my self, deeper. so, I was expecting something special to happen, more or consciously, I knew I’ll find something that will guide my next steps.


HERMA SAKINA. Work in progress. Acrylic paint on canvas. 91x130cm. 2011

When HERMA SAKINA was about to be brought to Life, I was walking left and right, from side to side of the room, staring at this face, and I noticed a strange effect. Because of the volume created in the nose, its perspective changes in function of the movement of the viewer…which make the painting more alive.

I whish anyone who read that to find his own Sakina*.


HERMA SAKINA. Acrylic paint on canvas. 91x130cm. 2011. Marrakech. (D Bloch Gallery)

Gueliz : New part of the town, with similar structures and behaviours as european town.

Medina : Old part of the town, almost unchanged since ages. Place where time is relative, flexible.

Riad : Typical house of the medina, usually with a patio with no roof but a terasse decorated with handmade tiles.

Sakina : Soul Peace.

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