Long time  ago, when I use to live with my parents, there was an image somewhere home, that I loved to cross sight with. I used to see a monkey, but it slowly became a Lion. As my inspiration was blured by the will of  my hand.


LE LEONOGONE. Wax on canvas. 85x155cm. 2014.

I don’t know exactly where it come from, but I think it is from Benin, in Africa. It might be a chimp or a baboon. But I like to see a Lion or a jaguar.

Here is the original inspiration :

Souvenir du Benin.

Souvenir du Benin. collected in 1970’s.

I have already done 2 versions of this image, one is the drawing below I’ve done in 2011.


HUMANIMAL. 32x41cm. Pilot pen on 250g paper. 2011

Three years ago, I created this version above in which you can already see two opposed beings fusing into a third «chimera». And then, this winter, the image from Africa was again the base of my creation, wether I was conscious of it, or not.

I have first chosen the size and proportion of the canvas, then I sketched on the wall, quite roughly, just to have an idea of the direction to take. As you can see on the sketch down here, in the begining you could only see one being, a female, or an androgyn mutating/becoming  a Lion. And slowly but surely, as I was drawing the first lines of its face, she became a figure made of two. One part of her face may be a woman, but the mirror is the man. The conjuction of both entities give birth to a third being,»Lion, le Cosmogone«.


LE LEONOGONE. Research. Sketch on wall. Pencil. 2014


LE LEONOGONE. Zoom on detail. 2014. Wax on canvas.

This Lion – or could it be a sphynx ? – came from the right of the picture, through a face. Then, the lines of its body grew as the bodies of a man and a woman blending into a feline.


LE LEONOGONE. Work in progress. Wax on canvas. 2014

You might be able to recognize the tail of the Lion on the left, his ass in the top left corner circle. His belly and chest are in the rectangular shape on center-top. Then you can see her brests under it, his falus on the right of the tail. The lion is laying, one knee on the floor, the plant of his right feet touching ground. On the right of the picture, surounding  the faces, you can see a large «heart» shape creating the long hair of the Lion. His arms are ending in his hands, joining under his chin, as if he was about to give a message, or to hide one.




LE LEONOGONE. Series of details. Zoom. Wax on canvas. 2014

A few months later, I have been contacted by Alexandre, from the atelier Franck Durand, Art Director of HOLIDAY Magazine. He proposed me to do an interview, and ended choosing the head of the Leonogone as the cover of the latest issue of their edition.

Here are two pictures of the cover and inside. I’ll publish the text by Françcois Musseau as soon as it is possible.

REMED in HOLIDAY Magazine.

HOLIDAY Magazine. Cover by REMED. Le Leonogone. 2014

REMED in HOLIDAY Magazine.

HOLIDAY Magazine. Cover by REMED. + Featured Interview of REMED by François Musseau. 2014

If you want to read more, you can find the magazine in special shop/library in Paris/Tokyo/London and NewYork.
And maybe on internet at http://www.holiday-magazine.com

Thank you and have a good day!

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