Delimbo Gallery, Sevilla. 2020
“Conversation with the void, Observation of the magic” is the suggestive title of the latest exhibition by the artist Guillaume Alby, better known by his artistic name Remèd.

The exhibition gathers a total of 10 large-format paintings, 14 drawings and marble sculptures that the artist has produced together with artisans from the city of Seville, thus complying with his work ethic under which he seeks to involve local agents in his process, enriching both his work and his knowledge.

The title of the show is the expression of the relationship between abstract and concrete :  “ To speak with emptiness is to know how to listen, to change the white wall into a window. Void, or the illusion of emptiness… is something like the egg of our reality. I understand it as the cradle of all “possibles”, that is where they are extracted from, where they can become reality. The oven where ideas, or rather intentions, conscious or unconscious, can become matter.

Observing the magic is to know how to see, so to make something invisible become visible. I believe that everything that exists, or that is perceived, belongs to the domain of abstraction before being tangible. In my opinion, any body or object that the artist creates existed before, in the vibrating field of his thoughts, dreams, or intentions.

With vaccum, one connects, resonates, foresees, therefore sees, and then acts to offer a new model, a “intimate” vision that is now collective reality”. 

He thinks of the Artist, as an organic device that changes potentials into events ready to be experienced.

Here is for you, an extract of this conversation, in words of Art.