David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech. 2019
David Bloch Gallery is honored to present the Remed exhibition “L’Art et le Dévot “ (Art and the Devotee) on April 27, 2019.
On the occasion of his fourth soloshow in Marrakech, the artist presents an astonishing and vibrant series of paintings, drawings and sculptures inspired by his last trips to the four corners of the world, a fascinating quest for cosmic energies.
We are proud top present the result of 3 intense months of creation in Maghreb. The exhibition displays 5 canvas, 3 large scale paper, 10 smaller drawing, a poem, and 5 sculptures. 
Thus, he produces with local artisans,  two “silhouettes” in clay, made of stacked jars shaping the body of a woman. Other recipients, “Visage bleu, rouge et jaune” were engraved with lines tracing a clear face whose head seems open. He also used copper to build the body of a golden woman, “Femme & Sphère”, and “Prima Area Vea” a gorgeous face protruding by the light, and eventually a “Temple” in the form of an interlaced couple.
Many large formats on paper are also displayed, “L’Art & le Dévot”, “Être, Mèle Ether & Terre Mère” and “Le Baptème” are made with large lines freely traced with an oilstick, in very few minutes, “as a challenge and desire to sublime the gesture, and its inner truth, in a quest of self knowledge, seeking revelation in each line as if it was a word to be read “. Other artworks such as “Le Temple & Le Disciple” took weeks to be completed, being extremely detailed, full of symbology. It feels like the structure is ornamented for the purpose of magic. To him, “Art is a way to consciously provoque the subtle mutation of “fiction” into reality”, to bring the invisible to light.”
The journey he took, he now offers.