David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech. 2017
« PLENIUM, Matière de l’Un Visible » is a reference to the abstract essence of matter, to the yet invisible but infinite potencial of consciousness, to the power of intention, seed of all reality.
We presented a retrospective of the mind states I have been passing through in the latests months of my wandering. Each piece being the mirror of who I feel I am, or want to be, or what I try to see.
I can not say I did had a vision for the show. But I can say the vision of various instants has been fixed on each of the pieces during its process of creation. The intention, or the vision, became real through the act, through the gesture of the arm prolongated with the hand, the brush being the extension of the finger, still connected to the mind and soul.
This exhibition displayed 13 canvas, 12 drawings, 4 ceramic volumes, and one large metal sculpture.
Each canvas, drawing and sculpture, is a sum up, or the result of the many realities that could have happened while my hand  was acting. I don’t really think, but rather feel. I see movement, and make a stop in motion when I think it is time for it. Seeking harmony, while I enjoy a specific curve, line or shape, a chosen instant to become the one I live. 
On one hand, there is a série of « classic » pieces made of horizontal and vertical lines around which curves are sliding and flowing. « I am (T)here » , « Homme Oiseau », « Visage Voyage », « Ex Latent ».
On the other hand you will see a large série of canvas only made of curves, where the mécanic matrix is dissimulated in an attempt to liberate lines from it. In this série « Femme Sireleone», « Man with Orion and Sun »,« Woman with Moon and Earth »,« Amour Lumière ». Here, all is illusion of free flow, where movement and stillness blend, when figurative and abstract fields fuse into one.
We also présent a série of drawings as a tribute to the line, a song of gestures. « Visage de Vie Vent », « Il au Seul Oeil Bleu », « Aile sera Vie ». Those artworks are almost a dérivation of automatic writing. Their title being the réminiscence of it.
The show also displays various sculptures, made of clay, « Woman with Moon » using simplicity to its extreme, is made of only one continuous sinusoïdal curve, while « Man with sun » is made of a straight line ending in a reverse bell forging his head.
Finally, In opposition to these very sensual works, definitly warm and organic, I eventually worked with metal. The exhibition wouldn’t have been complete without « L’Est Haut Levant », inspired by the last letter of the berbere alphabet, tamazight, also know as « The Free Man ». It shapes a man touching both sky and earth.
My art may be the expression of that desire of connection with higher realms. 
Here is a glimpse of the light I see.