David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech. 2015
“ESSENCE”, Songe & Memoire Primaire » In 2014, I spent another 40 days in the old imperial city, living and working in the medina within the walls of the Kasbah. There, time dissolves. It becomes flexible. This allows me to create several canvases, one after the other, in a sort of tribute to the Genesis, a document on the evolution of the mind, body and Soul during the creation process. From the Intention to the Selected Reality. In the popular neighborhood where I live and work, I know that Time is my friend, and this allows me to create free from anxiety. I am entering a period of deep introspection where my mind can focus on what I choose, rather than what is forced upon me in the modern world. I like to know that I will continue to build my roots on a land that seems to be the garden I once lived in, somewhere on the line of time. 
We present «Essence, Dreamtime & Primar Memory» which displays 10 large canvas, 12 drawings of various sizes, styles and techniques, ands 2 metal sculptures build with local kraftmen.
The first period of creation was very intimate, meditative, painting mostly in the silence and lonesomeness of the night. Works like “Khamsa o Anna”, “Vesica Vuelo”, “Kanaal Akundali”, & “Owa Luz Iwa” are vertical and symmetrical. Their colors contrast on a very dark background. They have the feel of stained glass, they are light merging out of the darkness. Then the day has come and the Art became even brighter, like a sunrise.
Thus the intimacy would reveal its treasures, by sharing the present with a witness that would not be me, nor the night, but the Muse.

“Le Peintre & La Muse”
, ”La Muse, L’Omniscope, & L’Almonaute”, such as “Orion, Kanaal & The Message” are the expression of this second phase, in which the journey is not made alone, but the light is shared, and the message spoken. 
In this last opus, the protagonist watches the bud bloom in the palm of his outstretched hand. The seed has transformed. It grew. It grows. From the mind of the sower, appeared what you see. The potential transcended to reality. The abstract became concrete. Intention, vibration, has become matter. The message is what produced it : The act of creation itself.