Blessed was I to spend the last month of 2013 in Mexico.

I had never been to that part of the World, so I was very excited about discovering its people, its culture and its lands.


L’ÊTRE. Pencil and markers on 300g paper. 70x50cm. 2013. Mexico

But once I came out of the plane, my body felt terrible. I spent the 10 first days ill, laying, blocked in a home which was not mine, unable to see then do what I was hoping to… But still, I could start the meeting through books and documentaries. I choosed to remain friend with Time, and learned a bit before i could feel.

Nine days later, I was healed. I could go out and rediscover, walking the first steps on the path to Kauyumari.

The first place I went to, is the Museum of Anthropology which absolutely blew my mind, rhyming so much with what I just learned, and earlier felt and been playing with for years now. I then have been to the Museum of Popular Art, met his director, and the great traditional Art from everywhere around Mexico.

Finally, I am very happy, I’ve been introduced to my friend Guada, who is one of the Huichol people, living in the desert of Mexico.

Guada, su familia y su Arte. Huichol Culture.

Guada, his family, his Art (The Shakira, by the Huichol) and I. Mexico. 2013

However, he lives is the city since 15 years, he now remains in touch with his roots. He has a beautiful Life story in which the (re)discovering of Art, through its practice, became the bridge to the recovery of the wisdom and knowledge of his Ancestors. He just started to dig, and I’m digging too somewhere around, so we were allowed intense conversations about our origins and beliefs. The story of his travel until the forgotten inspired me a lot. Out of this, came to birth : «L’ÊTRE«, a colorful Being in a meditative position.

L'ETRE (Detail)

L’ÊTRE. Markers on paper. 300g paper. 70x50cm. 2013

He told me about people in his tribe going on a journey to meet with Kauyumari, the Blue Deer, the spirit guide to ancient knowledge.

Long ago, somewhere in Wirikuta, he dropped tears on the earth. Once they hit the ground, they turned into «Hikuri» also known as «peyote» (Lophophora williamsii). The Wixàrika are still chasing him at a chosen time, when they need to meet the sacred entity, in order to perpetuate the balance of the Universe. From what I understood, in order to follow those «tracks», they use colorful leaves and/or flowers on their head, which can work as antenna able to perceive the vibration of the sacred Blue Deer, when bound to the available receptor.

Wixárika walking to Wirikuta.


L'ETRE (Detail)

L’ÊTRE. Detail of central body. Markers on paper. 70x50cm. 2013

On the track of Kauyumari.

I also understood that the meeting with «it»,  depends on the following of the snake, or wave, that will show the path to the most valuable guides. Once the Hikuri found, it opens the gate to The One Dear, messenger of  The Knowledge.

Also, Guada told me about the admiration and respect given to the Jaguar. Tatewari, god of the Fire, powerful gift of vision, purifier, representing the masculine part of the One Whole. I then listened to the affection for/from the Mother of all Eagle, Werika. Ambassador of the feminine part, mother of the Sky, Queen of the Heavens.

LETREz (work in progress)

L’ÊTRE. Detail of the right leg. Work in progress. Pencil and marker on paper. 2013

L'ETRE (work in progress)

L’ÊTRE. Detail of the right part of the body. Work in progress. 2013.

So I naturally integrated these words, those vibes, and spread them back on the paper.

Consciously, because I seen some pictures of Guada’s people, I painted the leaves on the head, and the horns of Kauyumari. I also integrate, in the center of the chest, a double headed Eagle with human faces. The arms of the global being becoming the wings of his inner-being. The arteries of his heart also stands for the legs of the Eagle. Tattooed on his arms, the Hexagon, symbol of Gaia –Mother Earth, but also of Hikura -peyote-, bridge to the enlightment. Finally, the legs, are those of the Jaguar, Mayetse, in a still position, eventually able to move on once the moment as come.


NB : Unconsciously, I was further pleased by the sight of uncontrolled apparitions. In the navel, I’ve seen the Octogon. While looking at the global chest, I realized I was now staring at the face of a Cobra. In his depth, at his center, an egg…


L’ÊTRE. Markers on 300g paper. 70x50cm. 2013


Remember we are «1» out of the «0». Back together, we Are «ϕ»

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