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In august, after having been to Atlanta, i’ve been invited by MAC for the POP UP Festival, in Ancona. ITALIA.

It’s a quite small city, on the east coast, surronded by beaches and hosting a fisherman port. I’ve been invited to do various things, and one of them was to paint a wall quite close to the port.


«Man on boat». Work in progress. Acrylic paint on wall. Ancona (ITA)

I didn’t had time (once again) to think about this project before, and didn’t have any new sketches neither…but after Atlanta which was really hardjob, iwas feeling really relax, and able to draw something quite naturaly.

MAN ON BOAT sketch

Being inspired by the proximity of the sea, a man on a boat appeared. I think i also been inspired by a draw i’ve seen on Feral’s tshirt while being in the us. It  was a quite realistic illutsration of a man sitting on the top of the main sale of an ol boat, looking at the nightsky. i guess it stayed in my mine without me really noticing it. Anyway, this man is holding a (too) big telescope through which he can see a symbol i especially like, a yingyanged heart. Love.

MAN ON BOAT start MAN ON BOAT detail MAN ON BOAT work in progress MAN ON BOAT

«Man on boat».


Acrylic paint on wall. 2010. Ancona. ITALIA.

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  • Beautiful job. I think in that age of picasso jobs like Guernica an all of those illustrations about Minotauro, or Desnudo recostado (1932) (i have already looked for it now, jajaja) and this one —Man on boat— is a beautiful job, like haida tattoos, quite different in between but interesting as well. Man, just want to say your job has very fine sense of feeling and art and it’s very enjoyable and surprisingly to see for me (i mean, is not usual to turn in the corner and find in the wall something like this, jajaja). Hope to see soon your art in the streets of Guadalajara!

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