During my stay in Lisboa, I had time enough to do somehting for the street beside my installation for the French Institute. I’ve been passing by a small street, under a bridge, Rua Rigueiro dos Anjos. «Regeuiráo dos Anjos». Literraly , «where the Angels grow».

REMED. Letters in LISBOA.

REMED PELOS ANJOS. Spray on wall. Lisboa. 2014

At first sight, I was seduced by thé amazing texture of the wall, one you rarely find in a city. An outside frame with Memory.

I knew I should keep alive the story of that wall, by leaving its background rough, and keeping some of its vegetation alive. As if my colors and shapes where already there.

REMED. Letters detail. LISBOA

REMED. Letters in LISBOA.

REMED PELOS ANJOS. Spray on wall. Lisboa. 2014

ALPHABET by Remed.

TYPOGRAPHY by REMED. Gouache on paper 30x20cm. 2011.

As I’ve been giving most of my creative ressource to the creation of the poem in the French institution, I was feeling unable to «invent» something new. So I just decided to write my name in the most pleasant way possible. For me, and eventually for the Viewer.

After having chosen, without sketching, I started to freestyle the first letter, an «R», a symbol I especially enjoy to play with. A sort of friend.

REMED pelos Anjos. LISBOA

PELOS ANJOS. Detail. Lisboa. 2014

I mixed two diferent style of letters I’m familiar with. In the bottom part, the inspiration is the geometric alphabet above, and on the upper part, it is like a classic lettering. Here is a zoom on the down part of  the «M».

REMED. Letter detail.

PELOS ANJOS. Detail on the «M».


PELOS ANJOS. Detail of the «R» and «E». Lisboa. 2014

While I was painting I met a kind group of people, sharing social club where they cook healthy food, create workshops and keep creative. Some thought I writing the short name of their association. I said I was sorry but it was only my name. Eventhough, I told him it meant «remedy»…It may be a detail but I added the following two words reminding the name of the street, the name of their group : «pelos Anjos» (For the Angels)

REMED pelos Anjos.LISBOA

REMED PELOS ANJOS. Lisboa. Spray on wall. 2014

Big up to RDO and Underdogs.

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