REMED solo Show @ PURE EVIL Gallery. London

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03 / 06 / 2010.

An exhibition of draws, canvas, wall, photos and videos by Remed.


Two weeks ago, i’ve been to London city in order to present my first solo show there @ Pure Evil Gallery.

I was quite excited to discover London by summer…i knew the vibe would be nice & warm, since in any cold city, when the light comes out, people just feel it stronger than anywhere else. I was not desapointed and spent so good time there with my man Charley and my brothers & sisters from there. (Big up to Rafffffaaa, Daphné & Gisela:)

I obviously presented some artpieces on paper and canva, and had the chance to paint the wall down the gallery. So that the expo would be more «complete».

The name of this wall is » STEPS «.


Tracing of the shapes for «STEPS». Spray on wall. 600x350cm. 2010. Remed

This wall came out quite easyly. When i’ve seen the stairs of the gallery on the left of the wall, it made me think about one famous canva from Marcel DUCHAMPS named «Nu descendant l’escalier». (Naked going down the stairs).

Nu descendant l'escalier

Nu descendant l’escalier. Marcel DUCHAMPS. 1912

So i thought about movement. And I started drawing quickly on a paper without thinking too much.


The wall came out to be a sum up of all the paintings i did lately, as if on this image, i put all the pieces (the latest period) of my life/art together.

The fear of loosing past, the acceptation of the end of a cycle, death, then rebirth of a newself, and the begining of a new cycle.


«STEPS». Spray on wall. 600x350cm. 2010. Remed

On the left of the wall, up the stairs, there’s a door made of an inversed heart. Beside a man sits, looking back, but blinding his eyes with the right hand. The left hand his wedged in the door, in the past. Under his elbow, a drip. Next to this tear, a sand glass.

Then this same body becomes headless, haloes over his neck. His hands are holding his head up to the right.

The next step is his new self, faceless, kneeling in order to receive and give a new life to his cutted head.

Then he’s putting his head back on his shoulders, still staring right. The heart inverses hisself, and become positive.

STEPS (detail)

«STEPS». Detail.

Finaly, on the right of the wall, he welcomes a woman, embrassing her, she embrassing him..

Behind them, a door. Over it, day and night.

The loop.

This wall could be also read in the opposite direction. U can choose.


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