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I’m back from Italy, in Prato.

I was invited to paint a big fiber glass tube during a festival. I had 3 days, and new there will be the full moon on the main night.

Someone, one of the technician, told me that it was crazy how the front side of the tube was looking like a full moon at night, with the light projector inside the tube. I believed him ‘cause even if was day light when i arrived, i could really see that the texture of this big fiberglass circle was close to the moon texture seen from far away…

So i worked on that, trying to build a dialogue with the moon. Paiting around her while waiting for her to be full.

«WORDS TO THE MOON». Acrylic and spray, on enlightened fiberglass tube. 2010. ITALY

So on the first side, i’ve searched for a great word to tell to the moon…I already knew that she was the symbol of my utopia. The representation of what i call «reallusionism».

Still (trying to reach you)

here, graving the varnish to make the light from the inside get her way out to the eyes of the people.

These words can also be understand as a direct message to the viewer.

On the other side, i’ve made the image that express these words. I’ve created a half human half wolf character, holding his utopia (or the moon) in his hands. He reached her. He might have reach you too.


by Remed
Acrylic on fiber glass silo with light inside.

(work in progress photo)

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