Freestyling, Jazz… to me, is the best way to instantly blend the Mind, the Body, and The Soul. Connecting to Consciousness. Perceiving the ocean while surfing the wave.

It is when randomness meets destiny. I mean, when you feel the structure rather than you pretend to know it. When you allow yourself to play with it in order to, consciously or not, make it evolve. It is when The Here is The Now, and not the «how?». Flowing from the past to the future, always being The Present.

I believe that any creation comes from the ability and choice of someone to be available.

MUJER ACOSTADA. summer 2013. Mixed media on canvas. 100x161cm.

One specific point I do enjoy about being in the state of «Freestyle» is the stimulation due to the everlasting process.

And the result ! The result is always True. More real than any other instant, since somehow, its all the instants at once….This result, when recorded, always shows Who the Creator is. Each time I freestyle on a paper, I draw the Now, or the desire of the Now, which somehow is the future, but still is the Now. And if I like or not, I do always recognize my self in.

This canva above, Mujer acostada, was more about the mind. Eventhough it was the description of an instant feeling, the instant body was not represented as it is on the canvas. Then… for my pleasure, the mind became body !

Those earlier works you’ll discover down the page, were also directly bound to the feeling of the instant. But at the moment of its realization, the physical body was exactly as shown on the paper.


HOMBRE CON MULETA. Gouache on 250g paper. 40x30cm. May 2013

This piece above represent me siting, one feet on the ground, the other one, inflated, above its knee. A crutch passing through the full picture. The head in the hand.

It is the first of the serie presented here.  I somehow started because I was bored, unable to move all day. And I like to think or dream, but I then need to Act, so I just kept on doing some more, very quickly.


HOMBRE DIBUJANDO CON MULETA. Gouache on paper. 2013

This one above represent me wearing a hat and a shirt, drawing in a book while holding my crutch.


HOMBRE CON BICICLETA Y MULETA. Gouache on paper. 40x30cm. Summer 2013

During these weeks, thanks to a brother who let me use his bike, I finally managed to hang out a bit. Here above is I riding my friend’s bike, going to the bar with the crutch in the hand.


SHE & I. Gouache on paper. 100x70cm. Summer 2013

This one, as you can feel, represent instant Love.

Summer was good. I hope yours too !



«Prendre le temps de savoir le perdre». G’

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