About The Art of Freestyle, with pleasure again. Cultivating the ability to forget (what you think you know) so that you can be fearless of the mistake, or repetition, and eventualy Create in a free and purified way.

The fifth part, a beauty full number. Hamsa. The Quintessence. The reunifing step of the Opus Magnus.

But let’s not analyse too much and just present the process of a released mind through the «memorylessness» of his hand. So here are a serie of three drawings who decided to be created beyond my will. The first gesture was the seed of its sisters lines and brothers shapes.


MIRA, LA LUNA ! Wax on 300g paper. 70x100cm. 2014

For this Artwork above, I started, as usual, by looking at the paper…long time…until i don’t remember how long.

Then I prepared the acrylic colors in 3 plastic cup. A brush for each color. I take one. Stare again. See. And do the first line with the first color. I think it was yellow. I do a large curve that i know could become a head or a central point…then another curve that could turn to be a leg, another one in the center, an arm? and a large stain in the top middle, to rhyme. Then comes the red, a wide brush, the chest appear, a long flowing gesture for her bottom. And the blue finally shows up, confirming the presence of Water.

MIRA, LA LUNA * work in progress.

MIRA, LA LUNA ! Wax on 300g paper. 70x100cm. 2014

But at that point I still don’t know what is going to happen in that frame. Until I take the color wax, and end up afirming the global shape with black. I start on the right, I don’t know yet if the background will be entirely dark. But I do a large shape, a drip, then choose to melt it down, one more step, bringing more movement to what will become the waving hair of a muse. Her face appear. and naturally reflect in another face, in a vertical axis mirror. Now, They are two. Or two made one. The third. The Copula. They are Unity… unified, will be corrupted, dissolved, purified and eventually reunified.

Meanwhile, he’s holding the moon, she can stare at her as in a mirror. They fused, they are fusing, they will fuse. Somehow, somewhere, somewhen. So as you and anything/anyone you meet, see, hear, smell, or touch, taste, and hopefully Feel.

Once I finished that piece, I was feeling like keeping on that vibe, I could flow to the next image.

I did the same, using 3 brushes with three colors, for the primal structure, and then confirm the visual with color wax, ending with black to uplift the representation.


RÊVE ELLE EVA ZION. Acrylic and wax on 300g paper. 70x50cm. 2014

So at first, it was quite obvious that the muse will appear again, in a figurative almost realistic way. You can easily recognize the shape of her shoulder and left arm, her legs and heals, and the smooth sensual curve of her back… But as I took the wax, I added layers, and point of views, and the muse tended to abstraction, but i’d rather say to simplification in an effort to represent in one image, the spectral of its infinite variations.


RÊVE ELLE EVA ZION. Acrylic and wax on 300g paper. 70x50cm. 2014

At the step you see above, the image was almost done, but i could feel it was not. So I kept on cultivating the gesture and added more curves. I realized I was trying to erase any vertical and horizontal lines, that are always the constent structure of my work. I guess I wanted to think I could distort the grid, in order to bring more possiblities, and to open new Potential.

At this point, the only straight line remaining, was the nose of the profile. A profile which is present in my works since more than 10 years now, in my whole Opera. So I was very happy to sharpen the face of this being, visualising her becoming something else. More organic than mechanic. Her bodyparts became the picture of sky streams, a sort of still tornado, or an Aurora Borealis . Somehow, more fluid, a bit closer to what One is… Water. In motion.

So here she is : RÊVE ELLE EVA ZION *


RÊVE ELLE EVA ZION. Acrylic and wax on 300g paper. 70x50cm. 2014

These two artworks, came to reality through the creation of this Art piece down here : «Amuse, A musée» . The first of this serie of instantaneous freestyles.

As you will see this one as no black background, but you can feel she’s the beautiful mother of the two next creations.


À MUSE, À MUSÉE. Acrylic & Wax on 300g paper. 50x70cm. 2014

Thank you for your patience, and may you have the best possible Time in the best possible Life !


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